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Hi everyone!

I have this SUPER EXCITING offer I want to share with you.


I KNOW you do AMAZING WORK with your clients… and I KNOW You LOVE this work
because you KNOW it’s what you’re meant to be doing in this life.

But do you WANT to DO MORE?



           If yes, then this is for you…

In *mid June*, I’ll be running my online course: Soulful Money Makeover
and you are invited to be part of my *LIVE AUDIENCE*.

What you receive:


THE ENTIRE 6 WEEK PROGRAM andyellow_arrow_transparent3
all the training support materials for a hugely discounted price –
ONLY 33% of the NORMAL fee:


(… wow, that’s only about US$115 – you LUCKY things!)


What you will learn:

  • the 5 Kinds of Money in your life that creates Your Inner Wealth Set Points
  • the Major Causes behind Money Blocks and the ones SPECIFICALLY RELEVANT
    to you, your creativity and your business right NOW
  • The HIDDEN Mind-Body-Money Connection and POWERFUL STRATEGIES
    to get to and clear the Root Causes of these Money Blocks
  • How to Break Free of OLD PATTERNS and PROGRAMMING
    to SHIFT your Income and Savings ‘Set Points’
  • How to make Immediate Shifts and Tangible Lasting Changes in what you see and feel
    is possible for you, in terms of your creativity, coaching business and life.

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The Live Audience course starts…
on Saturday 18 June (US time) | Sunday 19 June (Aus, NZ, Asia)

There will be six calls – one each week. When you register for the course, you will be sent a unique login link for your attendance. Each call will be 60-90 minutes, depending on the training content
and number of questions from you in the audience.

Here’s the details of the dates and times for our training calls:

Call #1: SATURDAY 18 June: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 19 June: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

Call #2: SATURDAY 25 June: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 26 June: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

Call #3: SATURDAY 2 July: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 3 July: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

Call #4:  SATURDAY 9 July: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 10 July: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

Call #5: SATURDAY 16 July: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 17 July: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

Call #6: SATURDAY 23 July: LA 5pm, NY 8pm | SUNDAY 24 July: Sydney 10am, Auckland 12 noon

***A condition of joining…is that you can attend at least 4 of these call times.

At the end, I will ask for your feedback on the Program and if you are blown away by the content and the Program, I would love your thoughts in writing or on video!

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This program is for you if you:

  • Feel super-FRUSTRATED because you believe something is BLOCKING you around money and you just don’t know what it is or how to find it
  • Are tired of carrying around the stress of working hard and feeling like you don’t have anything to show for it in your bank balance
  • You know these Money Blocks have COST you so much struggle!
  • Feel like it’s time you got your BIG GIRL pants on and took control of your Money
  • Have already done a tonne of personal development work and know – or at least suspect – you have scarcity programming but no clue how to clear it
  • Are looking for a proven Money Paradigm Shifting strategy that WORKS!
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What people are saying about the Program:

Through this program, I’m now fully comfortable charging the day rate that I know I’m worth. This has had such a positive impact on my income!

Anne Gibbons – Graphic Recorder, Illustrator, Cartoonist

When I started the Program, I quickly realized how much baggage I’ve been carrying, from childhood on, regarding my finances.

Through the exercises, I was gently helped to not only face deeply painful feelings, but also break through them.

I have been able to let go of limiting beliefs, freeing myself to envision success I may have imagined in the past, but until now never really believed possible.


I have been able to get rid of an income ceiling I didn’t know I had. The first month after I started the program, I earned more doing what I love than ever before.

Megumi Saruhashi – Musician, Composer, Performer

Megumi Saruhashi

When I started Michelle’s Program, I really needed something to help me break through my pattern of staying small and stuck in my stories for money and my career.

The thing that was the most transformational for me from the program was the focused sessions on very specific issues and being able to really dissolve each of them once and for all. It’s accumulative and before I knew it, I became free of those old issues from the past and all that conditioning from growing up.

The lasting change in my life is I got rid of my income ceiling. I can allow myself to receive an amount of money I have never earned before. I now feel more whole and feel much better about embracing my gifts and totally going for it.

This program was just SO powerful.


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Program Modules:


Your Personal Money Map – get clarity about your emotional connections, beliefs and past traumas relevant to each type of money so you can clear and shift the stress and negative connections.


Your Earliest Money Paradigm & the Downside to Wealth – investigate the deepest layer of our hidden programming around money associated with our family of origin and explore your hidden blocks to wealth.


Clearing Financial Trauma – discover whether past events surrounding money and finances have affected your sense of self-trust and decision-making.


Setting Outrageous Goals – learn the presence of income ‘set points’ that can resist your attempts to increase your income.


Clearing Goal Trauma – a follow-on training from the learning in Module 3 which takes a broader look at the impact of past events in your life on your self-belief and goal setting


Clearing Vows of Perfection, Invisibility & Never Needing Help – learning about vows (deepest beliefs) and how the 3 main vow – of Perfection, Invisibility and Never Asking for Help can block our ability to receive

Energy Alignment – a final module that covers the 5 Key Strategies for tapping your inner strength and power to be fully open to receiving positive energy including money.

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About Michelle, your Course Leader:

Michelle is passionate about helping you clear your blocks to prosperity and living powerfully…and creating a business doing what you love.

She is skillful at helping women get clarity, feel energised and confident, and take action to manifest their deepest dreams and desires. Together you will work to create and live the life your heart and spirit dreams of.

Michelle loves helping women overcome their stress around money, uncertainty about their passion and path, and resistance to living a prosperous and powerful life.

Even though I have a business I love – helping talented, savvy women discover their dreams and launch their dream-life – and am able to earn more than $100K from working part-time hours, it wasn’t always that way…

I know about the money *stuff* and being stuck because I’ve been there. About five years ago, after running a successful consulting business for many years, where I worked long hours to make decent money but had no creative outlet, I decided IT WAS TIME. I refocused my business to offering creative thinking programs and courses to help professional people unlock their natural talent. Over the years of leading these programs, I have witnessed hundreds of people struggle with allowing their creative side to shine through. What I discovered was that many talented and passionate women kept their dreams in a shoebox because they couldn’t see how they could possible fund them. This kept them blocked from pursuing their heart’s deepest desires. I realised that clearing money *stuff* and past traumas was a huge factor in helping others who want to create a more prosperous, creative, fulfilling life that gave them choice and freedom.

My coaching programs – focused on helping talented, savvy women step into the next best version of themselves – were born!

On her journey, Michelle has sought knowledge and wisdom from international experts in wealth creation, business coaching and creativity for my own personal development and business growth. Along the way, she has attained the following qualifications for her specialty fields:

  • She is a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and studied with the masterful Margaret Lynch.
  • She is a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and studied with the talented Whitney Freya
  • She is an Accredited Facilitator of Dawn Clark’s Clearing Toxic Emotions Program.

Michelle's Certification Badges


Join me for this powerful work!

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