Do you ever intentionally look for…

…the *Sacred* in everyday things and moments?

I find myself doing this more and more…

Each morning I walk with Lulu on our farm. She loves the early exercise and I’m grateful I’m a morning person.

I see a lot more sunrises this way!

Here’s a message I recorded this morning for you…

What I’ve noticed over the past two+ years since this has become part of my life is that I resist plugging in a lecture or training session to listen to. I want to hear every sound from the bush… be aware of every different bird call… and track the fleeting tinkle of dog collar that tells me where Lulu has gone adventuring.

I’ve also started to indulge my passion for photography. I’ve always been interested and I would often snap the beauty of the sunrise…

But recently, I’ve begun exploring macro-photography… getting up close and really intimate with plants and bark and insects and fungi.

Wow, the colours and textures and shadows are so beautiful in that morning light of gold.

I’ve also noticed that with this intention, I can find slivers of beauty that I would otherwise have passed by unknowing and unseeing.

And it isn’t confined to the paddock walks.

Yesterday, I was cleaning our house before we head away on holidays, so I was making the space beautiful for the lovely lady who will be house and Lulu-sitting. I found myself pulling hair from the shower drain and realised I could focus on how clean and clear I was making the space that I wasn’t at all grossed out by the task.

So, do you do this? Go intentionally looking for *sacred*, while grocery shopping or trying to find a carpark? or pulling something gross out of the drain?

What would happen if we found more moments of *sacred* in our day?

Not waiting for those big, head-flying-off-and-sunshine-pouring-in moments…

But the slivers and glimpses and whispers of *sacred*…

What would be possible then?

For me, connecting to nature is such a simple, effortless way for me to become more present and so much more able to see, feel and hear small moments of *sacred*!

If you feel a strong pull to immerse yourself in nature, to have time away so you can reconnect to your ability to feel *sacred* in more moments of your day… reconnect with the creative essence in you… your beautiful *sacred* creative self… then know that this is possible at the Retreat I’m running in April this year in the Byron Bay hinterland.

For more details on the Retreat – go to: >>Creative Woman Unleashed<<

I’d love to hear your thoughts about any of my musings. Please comment and share below.

big love

Michelle x