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Guided online group training program – 6 weeks

Six-week guided online training program to gain immediate clarity about your money blocks and the tools to clear these so you can attract (more) heart-based work, income and ideal clients into your life.

In the Soulful Money Makeover Quick Start Program you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Major Money Blocks and the key ones relevant specifically to you and your situation
  • The Hidden Mind/Body/Money Connection and strategies to clear the underlying root causes of these Money Blocks from your life forever
  • How old patterns and programming can dictate your personal money story and how to Re-create Your Income, Savings and Debt ‘Set Points’

This powerful 6-week program is based on key proven techniques to help people like you gain insight and completely shift your money story, so you can earn your worth and transform your life to have more choice and freedom. You will witness change in what you see as possible for you in your life.

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What’s involved:

  • Weekly access to new Program Module recordings, lesson and support materials
  • In weeks 2, 4 & 6, I lead a 60 minute Clarity Action call where I recap the key elements of the previous fortnight’s Training Modules and give you an opportunity to receive laser coaching for areas you find challenging or questions that have arisen during the practice activities
  • Access to all Clarity Action calls as recordings in your membership area
  • Each Program Module includes support materials such as handouts, worksheets, checklists and scripts for you to work through to support each of the Module learnings
  • Membership to the Soulful Money Makeover Mastermind Group (invitation only, closed facebook group)
  • 12-month access to the Membership site where you can access all the course resources anytime to refresh on material or delve deeper on your learning journey

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel super-FRUSTRATED because you believe something is BLOCKING you around money and you just don’t know what it is or how to find it
  • Are tired of carrying around the stress of working hard and feeling like you don’t have anything to show for it in your bank balance
  • You know these Money Blocks have COST you so much struggle!
  • Feel like it’s time you got your BIG GIRL pants on and took control of your Money
  • Have already done a tonne of personal development work and know – or at least suspect – you have scarcity programming but no clue how to clear it
  • Are looking for a proven Money Paradigm Shifting strategy that WORKS!

Program Modules:

  1. Your Personal Money Map – get clarity about your emotional connections, beliefs and past traumas relevant to each type of money so you can clear and shift the stress and negative connections.
  2. Your Earliest Money Paradigm & the Downside to Wealth – investigate the deepest layer of our hidden programming around money associated with our family of origin and explore your hidden blocks to wealth.
  3. Clearing Financial Trauma – discover whether past events surrounding money and finances have affected your sense of self-trust and decision-making.
  4. Setting Outrageous Goals – learn the presence of income ‘set points’ that can resist your attempts to increase your income.
  5. Clearing Goal Trauma – a follow-on training from the learning in Module 3 which takes a broader look at the impact of past events in your life on your self-belief and goal setting
  6. Clearing Vows of Perfection, Invisibility & Never Needing Help – learning about vows (deepest beliefs) and how the 3 main vow – of Perfection, Invisibility and Never Asking for Help can block our ability to receive
  7. Energy Alignment – a final module that covers the 5 Key Strategies for tapping your inner strength and power to be fully open to receiving positive energy including money


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