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1:1 Coaching with Michelle – 3 months

Private 1:1 Coaching to transform your money programming so you can increase your income and allow more prosperity, freedom and joy into your life.

In the Soulful Money Makeover Deep Dive Program
I will guide you to:

  • Identify what is blocking you and keeping you stuck at your current income level
  • Clarify exactly why you don’t have the income and savings you desire and do have debt levels above what you want
  • See and break free of old patterns governing set points for income, savings and debt
  • Clear your frustration in having tried other personal development programs to increase your wealth only to be disappointed
  • Create powerful new actions that break old thinking patterns
  • Shift what you believe to be impossible to possible AND within reach FOR YOU.


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This powerful program has been proven to help people like you clear the path to making more money and transforming your life to one of choice and freedom.

What’s involved:

  • A 90-minute Kick Start coaching session to set you up for a great Program and build momentum right at the start
  • Additional eight 60-90 minute laser coaching calls (3 calls per month, 1 week for integration) where you receive strategies, knowledge, clearings, guidance, support, feedback and an accountability partner (aka cheer-leader and truth-teller) while you undertake the Program.
  • Access to all coaching calls as recordings
  • Access to a personalised Resources Hub which contains Handouts, Worksheets and personalised Tapping Scripts for you to work through between private coaching calls
  • Limited email access between private coaching calls
  • 2 Emergency 20 minute calls if you find you are stuck and need a Jump Start to get back on track
  • Membership to the Soulful Money Makeover Mastermind Group (invitation only, closed facebook group)
  • 12-month access to your Membership area where you can access all the course resources

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel super-FRUSTRATED because you believe something is BLOCKING you around money and you just don’t know what it is or how to find it
  • Are tired of carrying around the stress of working hard and feeling like you don’t have anything to show for it in your bank balance
  • You know these Money Blocks have COST you so much struggle!
  • Feel like it’s time you got your BIG GIRL pants on and took control of your Money
  • Have already done a tonne of personal development work and know – or at least suspect – you have scarcity programming but no clue how to clear it
  • Are looking for a proven Money Paradigm Shifting strategy that WORKS!
  • Are willing to invest so you get the personalized, laser-focused coaching that combines powerful strategies + accountability + support so you get GREAT results FAST
  • Are really ready to EARN YOUR WORTH so you can do more, save more and give more back!

Program Modules:

The Deep Dive Program provides laser coaching for You each week around the relevant aspects of each of the 7 Program Modules. I guide you through the investigations and clearing processes as part of the coaching calls and provided follow up materials to continue the clarity and release activities in between calls.

  1. Your Personal Money Map – get clarity about your emotional connections, beliefs and past traumas relevant to each type of money so you can clear and shift the stress and negative connections.
  2. Your Earliest Money Paradigm & the Downside to Wealth – investigate the deepest layer of our hidden programming around money associated with our family of origin and explore your hidden blocks to wealth.
  3. Clearing Financial Trauma – discover whether past events surrounding money and finances have affected your sense of self-trust and decision-making.
  4. Setting Outrageous Goals – learn the presence of income ‘set points’ that can resist your attempts to increase your income.
  5. Clearing Goal Trauma – a follow-on training from the learning in Module 3 which takes a broader look at the impact of past events in your life on your self-belief and goal setting
  6. Clearing Vows of Perfection, Invisibility & Never Needing Help – learning about vows (deepest beliefs) and how the 3 main vow – of Perfection, Invisibility and Never Asking for Help can block our ability to receive
  7. Energy Alignment – a final module that covers the 5 Key Strategies for tapping your inner strength and power to be fully open to receiving positive energy including money
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What people are saying about the Program:

I have been able to get rid of an income ceiling I didn’t know I had. The first month after I started the program, I earned more doing what I love than ever before.

Megumi Saruhashi – Musician, Composer, Performer

Megumi Saruhashi

When I started to work with Michelle, I really needed something to help me break through my pattern of staying small and stuck in my stories for money and my career.

The thing that was the most transformational for me from the program was the laser focused sessions on very specific issues and being able to really dissolve each of them once and for all. It’s like getting rid of each stain. It is accumulative and before I knew it, I became free of those old issues from the past and its conditioning.

The lasting change in my life is I got rid of my income ceiling and I can allow myself to receive the amount of money I never earned before.

I now feel more whole and feel much better about embracing my gifts and totally going for it.

I appreciate Michelle’s patience and ability to identify my patterns that I wouldn’t have seen for myself.

Michelle’s program was very comprehensive and tailored to my needs. It is a very powerful program.

Participating in the Program, the thing that had the most unexpected impact for me was uncovering the deep, unconscious layers to this belief system.

Rachel A. – Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Recorder


When I started to work with Michelle, the issue I was wanting to work on was my financial fearfulness as an artist and my lifelong habit of living frugally and taking whatever work I could get (and burning myself out) due to my belief that poverty was just a step away and I would only earn just enough for my needs.

Participating in the Program, the thing that had the most unexpected impact for me was uncovering the deep, unconscious layers to this belief system. I found a line of inherited memory that I was able to start releasing. The memory had plenty of reasons to be there in the first place, so we didn’t just try and sweep it out, but honoured it. And at the same time, the memory and my reactions to it were the things that narrowed my focus, stopping me from being and becoming fully alive and opening to opportunities.

Michelle’s process took me to a much deeper place than other programs with a similar objective that I have tried.

The results I’ve experienced as a result of the Program have been greater awareness of my patterns and beliefs, and tools to work through them to take what is good from them. I am aware of more optimism and choice in how I see things as well as synchronicity and connection aiding me along my path.

I now feel optimistic and open to possibility. It’s as if I can see the shape and dimensions of the iceberg in my subconscious and can navigate well around it, knowing that I am free to move in any direction, rather than fatefully collide and sink with these old beliefs. Instead of wishing global warming on this iceberg, I can also see it as part of my seascape – it’s an old friend that has a place, but it doesn’t have a determining or driving role anymore.

Michelle was really great to work with. Her approach was very flexible and tailored to my needs. She is also very supportive and makes the whole process enjoyable and, at times, fun!

Lyn Ellison

I had a number of light-bulb moments during this Program:

  • How much my ideas about what I do/don’t deserve, both in terms of success and money, relate to things that I learned in my earlier life and if I can let these go, I’m more likely to achieve my goals.
  • The idea that a piece of work doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect and that I would spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to make it so when, in reality, my ‘imperfect’ product is probably of a perfectly acceptable standard for my client.
  • That I have a BIG ‘inner critic’ and I need to manage this in order to see the abundance I wish for.

Michelle was really great to work with. Her approach was very flexible and tailored to my needs. She is also very supportive and makes the whole process enjoyable and, at times, fun!

In addition to the usual constraints that most people would have (such as lack of time and other commitments) it soon became clear that some particular experiences and beliefs that I held were problematic in terms of achieving my money goals.

Michelle worked with this, finding different strategies to help me to challenge limiting beliefs and address outstanding issues that were holding me back. While this could have been very difficult, Michelle’s supportive and positive approach to challenging issues was very helpful.

When you are working with Michelle, her focus is on you and helping you to achieve your goals, even if you don’t quite know what they are yet!

In the work that we did, one hour sessions were followed up by reflective time and sometimes activities that I needed to do between sessions. This meant that we achieved what we set out to do in the time available and I feel that I got real value out the time I invested.

I would recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to actively participate in a personal change process. The work may be challenging at times, and there are no easy answers, but the process is supportive, tailored to your individual needs and I found it a personally rewarding experience.


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