The first week of January is already gone and I want to share something.

Right now I’m struggling with all the New Year enthusiasm flooding into my inbox and coming at me via my social media feeds.

It feels like every day I’m being invited to Make 2018 My Best Year Ever! and Get Ready to Grow and Become a New Me! etc. etc. etc.

Being on social media just feels bloody exhausting.

Big smiles beaming at me when I’m feeling very quiet and inward.

Positive claims seem to shout at me when I want to ignore the fact it’s a new year.

I can’t summon the energy for anything much and I suspect I’m not alone.

No matter how much I’ve rested in the past couple of weeks, it’s not getting any better. I know I needed some downtime after a hectic five months leading up to Christmas…

But what’s a usually optimistic, fun-loving soul to do, when I’m just not “feeling the lurv” of the coming year?

Here’s what I did on the weekend and it made a difference…

  1. I Got All My “Should Do’s” Down on Paper
    I sat down and wrote a list of all the “should do’s” that were rattling around in my head. All of them, every last one, including catching up on my taxes and paperwork from last year and needing to replace the parking light bulb that’s blown in my car before I put it in for its registration papers. Whatever it was, no matter how small, I wrote it all down. Then took a deep breath.
  2. What Drains Me
    Next, I wrote a list of all the things in life at the moment that are draining my energy. Some of these overlapped with the first list, but I was OK with that. I wrote them all down. Fractious personalities, unfulfilled commitments, people demanding my attention… Every last bit that felt heavy and un-joyful is now on my list.
  3. What Energises Me
    Then I wrote a list of all the things in my life that fills me up… Being in my studio, making jewellery, splashing paint around on a canvas, swimming in the the ocean, going on dog walks with Lulu, reading for pleasure, cooking new recipes that are yummy + healthy, being on my farm. I then went to the beach and dipped my head in the ocean!Ages ago, I read that we get 80% of our energy and joy from 20% of our life. And the reverse is also true – 20% of your life causes 80% of your worries and angst. So I find revisiting these two lists can be very helpful in clarifying what I want more of and what I want to let go of or avoid in my life.
  4. Really Getting Clear on What I Was Feeling
    After writing all that stuff down, I then sat and allowed what I was really feeling to come to the surface. I tried to describe it in great detail to myself. It was a heaviness in my chest that made it difficult to breath… it felt a dark grey, and when I probed it with my mind, it was still and lifeless. No judgement, just noticing. When I gave it lots of attention, it surfaced as a pocket of sadness. Not named nor did it need to be, but when that bubbled up, I tapped on that feeling, using EFT. (Don’t know about EFT – emotional freedom technique? No problem, go HERE for my training video about stress and a ‘how to’ video on tapping that will get you underway.)

And finally, I decided I didn’t need to DO anything just now. I could just BE. I gave myself permission to feel tired and unenthusiastic, even though that’s really uncomfortable for me.

I gave myself permission to stay powered down, to resist the urge to leap into action.

And you know what, I felt like I wanted to do just that. So I wandered quietly over here to my office and studio and penned this note to you!

I hope you are able to accept how you’re feeling and not want to push it away and try to BE/DO something else.

Love and accept yourself and how you are feeling!

I’d love to hear what you try and what you find works for you! Leave a comment below and share your insights with others.

Big heart love

Michelle x